University Assistant 02 – Model Questions is completely exam guides of Kerala Psc and other competitive exams. Here we are publishing the part of model questions of ‘University Assistant‘. Please mark your review and comment your opinion and suggestions.

1. Who founded the Travancore Cheramar Mahajanasabha 

2. Name the social reformer whose pet name was Naduvathamman 

3. Who founded the Akhila Thiruvithamcore Navika Thozhilali Sangham 

4. Who founded the Vidyaposhini Sabha

5. Who founded the organisation Samathwa Samajam in 1836 

6. Who was called Simhala Simham 

7. Who introduced Pidiyari System in Kerala 

8. Who founded Atma Bodhodaya sangam 

9. In which name, Ananda Shenoy is known in the history of ‘Kerala’

10. In which name, Krishnan Nambyathiri became popular

11. Who is known as Vaikom Hero

12. The leader of salt satyagraha in Kerala 

13. Who conducted panthibhojanam for the first time in India

14. Where was the first all Kerala Political Conference held

15. Who authored Pracheena Malayalam

16. The organisation which was considered as the predecessor of SNDP

17. SNDP  was started in the year

18. Which organisation’s mouthpiece was the journal Abhinava Keralam

19. The year in which Sree Narayana Guru conducted all religious conference at the Aluva Advaitha Ashramam

20. Kerala Pradesh Congress State meeting in 1928 chaired by Jawaharlal Nehru was held at

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