High Court Assistant 02 – Model Questions

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1. The smallest and lightest bone in the human body:
[a] Nasal bone
[b] Incus
[c] Mandible
[d] Stapes

2. Who is the author of the book ‘Lives of Others’?
[a] Pranab Mukherjee
[b] Hilary Clinton
[c] Neel Mukherjee
[d] Rajdeep Sardesai

3. Who is also known as Muthukutti Swami?
[a] Chattampi Swami
[b] Vaikunta Swami
[c] Narayana Guru Swami
[d] Vagbhatananda Swami

4. Who did first Malayalam printing?
[a] Benjamin Baily
[b] Herman Gundert
[c] Johannes Gon Salvez
[d] Anjelos Francis

5. Which is the largest city on the banks of Godavari?
[a] Allahabad
[b] Prayag
[c] Patna
[d] Rajmundri

6. Methane gas is invented by the scientist:
[a] Alexandro Volta
[b] Alexander Fleming
[c] John Dalton
[d] Thomas Alwa Edison

7. Which river was considered as sacred by the Vedic Aryans?
[a] Sindhu
[b] Ganga
[c] Saraswathi
[d] Brahmaputra

8. What was the original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi?
[a] Kesab Chandra Sen
[b] Narendranath Dutta
[c] Mulshankar
[d] Mohan Roy

9. Who was the Chief Organiser of the ‘Ghadar Movement’?
[a] Lala Hardayal
[b] Mahatma Gandhi
[c] Lala Lajpat Rai
[d] Lal Chand Falak

10. The famous Tirunelli Temple lies in the valley of :
[a] Ezhimala
[b] Brahmagiri
[c] Puralimala
[d] Malayattor

11. The transformer works on which principle:
[a] Electrostatic Force
[b] Magnetostatic Force
[c] Snell’s Law
[d] Electromagnetic induction

12. A person suffering from bleeding gum need in his food:
[a] Carotene
[b] Citrus
[c] Vitamin K
[d] Cod Liver Oil

13. What is the official name of India?
[a] Democratic State of India
[b] Republic of India
[c] Socialist State of India
[d] Socialist Secular India

14. Which is the tree generally grown for forestation?
[a] Mango Tree
[b] Coconut Tree
[c] Banyan Tree
[d] Teak

15. Gayathripuzha is the tributary of which river?
[a] Periyar
[b] Bharatha Puzha
[c] Chaliyar
[d] Pampa

16. KSEB was formed in the year :
[a] 1957
[b] 1956
[c] 1958
[d] 1959

17. The Fundamental Rights of the Indian Citizens are enshrined in:
[a] The Preamble
[b] Part III of the constitution
[c] Part IV of the constitution
[d] Part V-A of the constitution

18. The inventor of world wide web:
[a] Tim Berner’s Lee
[b] Marc Andreessen
[c] James H Clark
[d] Robert Cailliau

19. A device that modulates signals to encode digital information and demodulates signals to decode the transmitted information:
[a] Modem
[b] decoder
[c] encoder
[d] modulator

20. Who is considered to be the first programmer?
[a] Ada Lovelace
[b] Alan Turing
[c] Charles Babbage
[d] Von Neumann

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