High Court Assistant 01 – Model Questions

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1. An ecosystem has two components namely
[a] Weeds an Trees
[b] Biotic and Abiotic
[c] Frogs and men
[d] Plants an animals

2. Plants that grow under average temperature and moisture condition are called
[a] halophytes
[b] hydrophytes
[c] mesophytes
[d] xerophytes

3. Potato is a modified form of
[a] Root
[b] stem
[c] fruit
[d] leaf

4. The branch of zoology which deals with the study of tissue is
[a] pathology
[b] geology
[c] histology
[d] physiology

5. The most important foods are derived from
[a] Leaves
[b] Stem
[c] Fruits
[d] Roots

6. Which of the following are mostly woody trees, always perennials and never herbs or annuals?
[a] Angiosperms
[b] Gymnosperms
[c] Pteridophytes
[d] Bryophytes

7. Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?
[a] Desert Ecosystem
[b] Grassland Ecosystem
[c] Mountain Ecosystem
[d] Marine Ecosystem

8. Bacterial action changes dead leaves into
[a] Algae
[b] Fungi
[c] Humus
[d] None of the above

9. The function of a cell wall is
[a] To give definite shape to the cell
[b] To provide mechanical strength and protection to the cell
[c] To prevent the cell from desiccation
[d] All of the above

10. The leaf blight of paddy is caused by
[a] Bacteria
[b] Virus
[c] Nematodes
[d] Fungus

11. To prevent loss of weight plants reduce transpiration by
[a] Reducing the size of leaves
[b] Developing hair around stomata
[c] Shedding of leaves
[d] All are correct

12. Which of the following is a cellulose fiber?
[a] Cotton
[b] Wool
[c] Rayon
[d] Polyester

13. Which one of the following grows under the plant?
[a] Cabbage
[b] Bengal gram
[c] Peanuts
[d] Castor

14. Within the cell, the site of respiration is the
[a] Golgibodies
[b] Ribosomes
[c] Mitochondria
[d] Nucleus

15. Arabica and Robusta are two main varieties of ___ cultivated in India
[a] Coffee
[b] Tea
[c] Tobacco
[d] Coconut

16. Economically the most important forest of India
[a] Tidal
[b] Tropical deciduous forest
[c] Thorn forest
[d] Evergreen forest

17. The crop which considers frost as its enemy
[a] Rubber
[b] Tea
[c] Coffee
[d] Tobacco

18. Transport of food from leaves to other parts of plant is termed as
[a] Translocation
[b] Transpiration
[c] Transmutation
[d] Guttation

19. Which is regarded as a link between the living and the non-living?
[a] Amoeba
[b] Virus
[c] Bacteria
[d] RNA

20. Which of the following has been found useful in keeping cholesterol level down?
[a] Tulsi
[b] Serpentina
[c] Turmeric
[d] Garlic

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